Current farm Inventory ( Always Changing )

I live on a ranch, but mostly its a farm.  I will number all the animals we have:

  1. We have 4 dogs.
  2. 3 rats
  3. 1 barn cat

  1. 13 cows and a bull (i think some are pregnant though!)
  2. 4 horses.
  3. 2 bucket calves for my 4h

So we have a lot of animals!


Rotterman (A Doberman + Rottweiler mix)



9 thoughts on “Current farm Inventory ( Always Changing )

      1. Just because of internet safety(which there is none of) I can’t tell u, sorry, hope u understand! 🙂


  1. Cool! 😀 We have around 20 horses, and … I think 7 cows and a bull, and then… 5 calves, and like 10 ish dogs, 30 some chickens, two pigs (mine) and three fish! 😀 Oh, and then 5 goats. That are about to have babies!


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