My 4-h calf was just born!! He is a Black Angus. He is so cute and fluffy! I was thinking about naming him Steven because he has to be a steer for 4-h so then I could call him Steven the steer. We haven’t seen him drink his mom’s milk yet so hopefully he does. Maybe I will add a picture later!! That’s all for now, Bye!!

It snowed!!!

It snowed outside yesterday… (just relized that i said outside like it could snow inside😂😂😂) it kept snowing and snowing. I tried to build an igloo but, I gave up cause it got really cold. and then the TV lost signal cause there was so much snow on the dish thing (bare with me I forgot what its called). We got another puppy. (that was a while ago but still wanted to say that cause u didnt know lol) His name is winston I will put a pic of him.